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>> Friday, April 15, 2011

 for Monie and her girls

in the dark you hold back
amidst the blinking lights
your eyes, covetous orbs
remain fixed on the prize

           and the fever, getting higher
           desire, desire, desire, desire

the same quixotic limbo
different seductive night
your heart's a caged bird
your lips lust for the rain

           wanting, needing, waiting
           for you to justify my love

stealing away from heaven
your angel finds your hell
hand against thigh, you feel
love of the dangerous kind 

           the language of love slips from my lover's tongue 
           cooler than ice cream and warmer than the sun 

you take a sip off of the cup
the sweet brew is no stranger
its poisoned tongue slithers
down to your waiting heart

            one little warm death coming round
            one little sweet death with me tonight

lover's gone the irony remains 
after the heavens cried its last
you hunt for your favorite pill
life begins again after the kill

            i've got you under my skin
            yes, i like you under my skin

**lyrics from Desire (U2), Justify My Love (Madonna), Who's The Girl (Eurythmics)
    A Little Warm Death (Cassandra Wilson), I've Got You Under My Skin (Frank Sinatra)



the desert in us

>> Monday, April 11, 2011

in the absence of rain
and stillness of trees
the leaves long gone
wintering too soon

hushed light on my skin
the unyielding sirocco
i ponder my retreat
conquered by a spec
of sand in my eye

seduced i descend into 
thirsting crevasses 
dark openings to 
endings and pour 
like night into day

the desert in us, hushed
as a stranger's glance
calm as a shadow
but a stranger still



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