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new year's eve

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

new year's eve you'll find me
a star, stringed, hanging 
upside down
a firework past its prime

three hundred and sixty four
days is an eternity
still i stay unfound  
despite the witty repartees 
we've stumbled over
in our rush to hurry time

perhaps i best forget
the passing year
and bring myself from sleep
and save the pool of tears 
threatening to spoil
this stale cup of coffee

new year's eve you'll find me
or maybe not



into the green

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

slithering as the sun mounting the sky
i walk the path into the forest
where birds affluter hold court 
dark then darker into the green i go

the forest as subtle as a moonbeam
at once meandering and revealed
lay sensuously like morning dew
an entire world naked as a finger

i dream of losing my way momentarily
set adrift in the heady scent
of not remembering altogether
of straying and being found again

i traipse, stumble and fall endlessly
until leaves and stones unravel  
unwrapping the heart of the forest
and i become the hunted, the forest 



the fruit picker

>> Sunday, November 13, 2011

his hands itch at the sight
of ripeness out of reach
fingers curl around the 
season and he thanks god 
for the daily bread

the scent teases his tonque
and his eyes swim in joy
to covet and trespass
are rights demanded
by his nature

he does not wait for the
fruit to rot and drop
time is not the 
fruit picker's despite
his nature, he has the sun



solomon sang

>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

there i trod by the river
tranquil green but gold under the sun
seeking the one with scent of fair lily,
eyes of dove's and hair dark as dusk

there i trod by the river
pebbles soft as kisses 'neath my feet
the air cooler than winter's touch yet
did not bring my beloved's embrace

there by the river i trod
with withering soul fragrant as spice
lingering, waiting for thy love beloved
that sprung for no reason nor prayer

our love is a song beloved, born by the
stars because you were you and i was i

there by the river i trod




>> Tuesday, October 18, 2011

where have you been,
happiness? under
my bed all these years?
'neath leaves
gathered at my feet
in the many autumns 
i breathed? did you not,
pray tell, look for me?
or my smile, or the shadow
of my face in the 
dark space beyond 
the light?

oh happiness! oh happiness!
why are we strangers
still? i searched for
you in poetry, in funeral
flowers - purple and white -
while by the rocky shore
on slow-fading nights
perhaps i'm too glum even
tragic despite the light
in my eyes and the laughter
that comes easy as day

but still i'll hunt you down
conquer and devour your
liquid warmth until
i cry out all the salty,
gray, musty sad in me

are you happy now?



all is fair

>> Friday, September 30, 2011

dead words substitute 
for the pain that would not come
and you sit silently, a
limb, a star abandoned by air

a flower droops in the
shadow mourning the passing of
an unripened heart and
you strum your hair guiltlessly

winter is outside the
window, white is the color of
gloom, you pull down
the curtain as i lick my wounds




to the star of a million nights ago

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i shall wait for you fervently
when you cross the landscape
i roam 
when you tread as before, like a 
shepherded lamb on its way

things are no different from
what were before, and this i
i shall love you no less, not an
ounce, not a breath, not a

my reveries will be of you and
my name, my hours are yours to
my secrets to your ears shall be
brought and never again to my

i will see your face in the rain, in
the dawn and in all the smiles that
and in the end, when death to my
door knocks, your music they will

forgive me these silly confessions, 
these little vows, the repetitions i
the star from a million nights ago
and burning brightly i

your naissance is my rebirth



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