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>> Tuesday, October 18, 2011

where have you been,
happiness? under
my bed all these years?
'neath leaves
gathered at my feet
in the many autumns 
i breathed? did you not,
pray tell, look for me?
or my smile, or the shadow
of my face in the 
dark space beyond 
the light?

oh happiness! oh happiness!
why are we strangers
still? i searched for
you in poetry, in funeral
flowers - purple and white -
while by the rocky shore
on slow-fading nights
perhaps i'm too glum even
tragic despite the light
in my eyes and the laughter
that comes easy as day

but still i'll hunt you down
conquer and devour your
liquid warmth until
i cry out all the salty,
gray, musty sad in me

are you happy now?


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