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new year's eve

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

new year's eve you'll find me
a star, stringed, hanging 
upside down
a firework past its prime

three hundred and sixty four
days is an eternity
still i stay unfound  
despite the witty repartees 
we've stumbled over
in our rush to hurry time

perhaps i best forget
the passing year
and bring myself from sleep
and save the pool of tears 
threatening to spoil
this stale cup of coffee

new year's eve you'll find me
or maybe not



into the green

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

slithering as the sun mounting the sky
i walk the path into the forest
where birds affluter hold court 
dark then darker into the green i go

the forest as subtle as a moonbeam
at once meandering and revealed
lay sensuously like morning dew
an entire world naked as a finger

i dream of losing my way momentarily
set adrift in the heady scent
of not remembering altogether
of straying and being found again

i traipse, stumble and fall endlessly
until leaves and stones unravel  
unwrapping the heart of the forest
and i become the hunted, the forest 



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