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to the wooly mammoth

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i heard they're digging gold in the Yukon 
hosing down permafrost
praying for nuggets
but not tusks
it's not legal to trade ivory
a song of hope for you if only...

i covet your shaggy coat, i really do
i could use some warmth
man's heart is cold
colder than your winters
colder than lies 
colder than death 

did you come to know man?
us with stone, us with
fire in out eyes
and spears 
sharp as the sabertooth's only
we hunt our own

you make me wish for immortality
and long for great Bering Sea
if i were as majestic as you
would i transcend 
the ages and
drift in timeless romance?

i hope the ice that remains 
forgets to thaw 
and i'll be a memory
passing where you treaded
my feet cusped by your
footprints, free at last

are you in deep slumber 
perhaps dreaming easily
of dinosaurs and all that
was green and white while  
the crimson moon holds 
in her divine hands the 
secret of a million nights 
for a million nights more


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