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i lay dreaming of birds

>> Saturday, September 25, 2010

 I wrote this poem on the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) which ravaged most of the island of Luzon (Philippines) on September 26, 2009. It's exactly been a year.

mud encrusts my hands like
gloves, warm but impersonal
i persistently rummage for
things i am afraid i have lost
in the flood, in the dark water

but i keel over, the stench
leaves no room for nostalgia
even in overcast moments
when memories weave a
a perfect release to go with
     stale cigarettes
     and a cup
     of tears

i lay down and stare at the
wounds on my feet, gaping,
like an open call for death
but even death is no more
a stranger than this quietly
      strange house
      that the birds

birds...i see one...two...three
silvery ghosts silhouetted
against the untouchable sky
did Noah's ark really land on
Mt Ararat? a fortunate soul
      he had God
      on his side
      while i...

i lay and dream and dream of
birds and lay dreaming still...

I also wrote a blog called seven meters of misery - my personal accounts of that very unfortunate event in my life.  



Lita C. Malicdem October 7, 2010 at 4:15 PM  

Poignant! My heart still bleeds today, one year after, for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. It was a tragedy we all had parts in its coming. May it teach us lesson to protect our environment so that no such sad event will ever happen again.

The La Nina phenomenon is again lurking on the sides. Let's be forearmed so that we will finally see the birds, not only in our dreams, but feel them in our open palms- all the way. God is good especially if we do good.

Cris A October 27, 2010 at 3:27 AM  

Hi Lita

I guess some hurt and pain will never go away - not with time nor any kind of distraction. But still we must move on, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it very much so. :D

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