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mater dolorosa

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

mater dolorosa (Latin); the sorrowful mother
Mater Dolorosa; the mother of Christ sorrowing for her son

this dark flower that i cling to on my
breast shall not fade. it will stay with
me, locked, in this tower that i built... 
an island in a sea of tears I have shed
for a thousand years only for you. the
stars may forget to lift their veils, and
the moon may forever slumber, but my
eyes will refuse to tire or dim.  they
shall seek and behold your beauty in
the gloaming and in every dawn. the sun
may forsake rising for all eternity but
i will endure longer and, ever faithfully,
speak your name in the darkest hours 
through the labyrinth of fog and sleep.

go now, my sweet. set sail to where i
cannot shadow. take this, the purest
love my heart can gift and embrace
it like you did my face when you first
breathed life from my life. go. fly now
to the distant shores of white where
pain is a stranger while i linger for a

moment longer in the mist, in the east
of your west, and dream of your smile
while i ponder upon the fragile veins  
of newborn leaves and recall your scent
in the passes you have walked with me.

ah my dearest one, you have broken my
soul and the pain shall not come to pass
like days melting into nights. the sweet
ache i will let dwell in my remembrances - 
within the walls of my longing, beyond
the sound of autumn, beyond the kiss of
the rain. beyond where words resound.

i am letting go but do not fret my love.
turn away without a care nor 
an afterthought, for my
sorrow is my light
my child. 



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